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Personalized Wedding Ceremonies - Have It Just the Way You Want It!

A wedding is a very special occasion. 
Your ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies you can have.
It is about a joining together, a uniting, and a new beginning.
It is about the two of you and it should be done in the way you dream of it being.

I am Debra, I am also know as Unity, author of "Through the Eyes of the Heart".
I  have a spiritual web site called counseloroftheheart. com.
I am a minister of Divine Unconditional Love ... a Love that honors and includes all.

Your wedding ceremony should be done according to your beliefs, customs and/or desires.
If you know what you want - I would be honored to share in your wishes. 
If you are looking for something special and unique and not quite sure what it is -
together we can come up with something that will light up your hearts.
If you want an ordinary ceremony with a few personal touches we can do that also.

Bull Shoals, The White River and The Buffalo River
each offer beautiful and unique places to be married.

It would be an honor and a pleasure to serve you and make your day special.

Please contact Debra (my given name) or Unity (the name I often use) at: 414-581-0020.
Or email me at: